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If You Aren't Online You Don't Exist

I have no idea who first made that statement, but it couldn't be more true.  Gone are the days when people searched through classified ads in the newspaper (or read a physical newspaper). Most people don't use the yellow pages.

In addition to that, traditional forms of marketing are constantly having to re-adjust their approach as TV and radio trend towards streaming and direct services which allow the consumer to avoid commercials altogether.  In addition to this phenomenon consumers are more informed now than ever and have the ability to impact sales in a negative or positive way simply by sharing their opinions about a brand on social media.

This is where I come in.  Whether you are trying to get free traffic to your site by ranking high in the search engines or utilize social media to let consumers know about your product and services I can help you.

Internet marketing was like second nature to me.  I majored in marketing in college at the University of Memphis, which is where I first started to create my own websites.  I did not even realize at the time that I was doing SEO, or search engine optimization when I was generating traffic to my sites and helping my friends get their websites ranking on Google.  Come to think of it, SEO was not yet a popular term in the early 2000-2001.


Higher Rankings Through SEO

Through years of trial and error, working for companies as well as freelancing I came to understand the in and outs of internet marketing.  Basically I specialize in fine-tuning your website's structure, content, and coding to make it more visible on search engines for certain keywords or keyword combinations.  I work with your brand to find the best keywords and guarantee that you will rank for the keywords on your site when working with me.

Everyone is just grabbing their phone or looking on their computer for the services that they need.  You need to rank high in search engines, in particular on Google, or you will be working ten times as hard to find customers via other methods of marketing.  Its estimated that over 85% of consumers nowadays use search engines such as Google to inquire about products and services.

I know what it takes to increase the web presence for your brand and take customer satisfaction very seriously.
  • Your Brand Recognizition Will Increase
  • Increase Rankings In Google
  • More Visitors To Your Site
  • More New Customers
  • More Cost Efficient Than Most Forms Of Marketing
The best thing about increasing your web presence with me is that your results are measurable.  You will see an increase in clients and revenue.  Please click here to receive a FREE SEO Analysis.