Pay-Per-Click Advertising

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We Use Digital Advertising To Send Highly Targeted Traffic


Your digital pay-per-click ad campaigns can be researched, launched, and managed by us. The optimized website landing page to which you're sending traffic accounts for 80% of the results of your ad campaigns. This is why, on our websites, we place a premium on the landing page experience and have a thorough understanding of paid advertising. We're fully qualified and will also manage your landing page experience.

Everyday someone clicks on paid search advertisements that are related to the search terms they entered. For example, if you're a plumber in Columbus, Ohio, and someone types "plumber Columbus Ohio" into Google, you'll get a lot of hits. 

The visitor clicks on an ad listed in "Sponsored Ads" at the top of your local pay per click advertising campaign.

Your company would only be charged per ad click, with the possibility of converting that visitor into a buyer.

We work with you to help you get highly targeted traffic from people who are searching for your products or services and also make sure that your landing page is optimized to help convert more leads into clients.


We have years of expertise running digital marketing campaigns for 

  • search engine marketing PPC ads with a clear call to action that securely guides your clients to the next level of engagement with your business.
  • highly targeted social media ads that show to your clients based off of their activity, characteristics, and demographic information.

If you are prepared to increase your traffic, leads, and sales make an appointment with one of our marketing consultants. We will manage your ad campaigns and help you reach your goals.