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“Content is King but engagement is Queen and she rules the house.” – Mari Smith

The above quote is from one of my mentors, Facebook marketing expert Mari Smith.  This statement is very important because it covers a mistake that many businesses make, including mom and pop shops and big corporations.  How many times have you seen a business that had a Facebook page that had not been updated in a long time or, in some cases, did not even have a social media presence at all?  Not engaging your brand's followers, whether they are customers or potential customers,via your social media profiles is the same as not having a social media presence at all.

If You Aren't Engaging and Building Relationships You Brand is Better Off Not Being on Social Media

social media done wrong

You can't just get on social media to broadcast your brand and hope for success.  It's much more organic than that.  You need to have a strategy for your brand and plan for interacting with your followers online.  Social media gives you an opportunity to engage and build a loyal community of customers that will be brand ambassadors for you if done correctly.

You don't want to oversell your brand.  The ideal situation is to create an online community for like-minds that appreciate your brand and who will willingly share your posts and spread awareness about your business through word-of-mouth.


The 80/20 Rule: Don't Let Social Media Overwhelm or Confuse You


overwhelmed with social media management

Ever heard of the “80/20 rule” that says 80% of your content needs to be ‘fun’ or ‘informative’ while only 20% should be related to products or services?  If you haven't or do not know how to go about implementing this strategy for you brand don't worry.  I know exactly what to do on your social media platforms to engage your followers without coming off as a pushy salesperson.

I will create a strategic publishing calendar for you that will keep your social media presence from going dormant, which is a big turnoff for visitors, and also make sure that your brand is sharing your posts at a time when your market's viewership is at it's maximum level.

In addition to this I can also provide research and strategies on reaching your target market through paid advertising.  Facebook ads are one of the most cost efficient ways of advertising.  I currently manage the social media and ad campaigns for corporate clients and have years of experience in this field.  Simply put, when Facebook ad campaigns are carried out strategically, they can become a major home run for your business.

With Facebook ads, we have a totally unique opportunity. There are several things about them never before seen together:
  • They can reach as many people or more people as radio or TV, and in whatever country.
  • They have sophisticated targeting like AdWords, albeit on different criteria.
  • The minimum spend is just $1 per day.
  • They are the lowest cost per 1,000 impressions ad in history. They average around $0.25 per 1,000, which is only 1% of the cost of TV. Are you kidding me? Nope, it's for real. 1
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